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Home Remodeling

If you’re on the fence about investing time and money on a home remodeling project, contact EAD Contractors LLC and speak with one of our experts. We offer a wide range of remodeling options such as:

  • Drywall and Paint
  • Structural Work
  • Foundation Repair
  • Egress Windows
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Kitchen Remodeling

Benefits of Home Remodeling

Make Your Home More Comfortable and Functional 

Home renovations can include anything you want as long as it is possible structurally. This will ensure a more enjoyable space according to your vision.

Lower Energy Costs

If the doors and windows of your home are old and worn, then you may be losing heat through them, replacing them can help your home become more energy efficient. 

Increase Home Value 

If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, a renovation can really help to increase the value of the property, and the interest from potential buyers.

  • Drywall and Paint
  • Structural Work
  • Foundation Repair
  • Egress Windows
  • Interior Waterproofing
  • Exterior Damp Waterproofing


Concrete is an extremely useful building material. In fact, it’s so versatile that it’s the most widely used material on earth! This is because it takes less time to install than other materials and it lasts much longer.

At EAD Contractors LLC, we offer a complete range of Concrete services for your home:

  • Concrete Work
  • Concrete Overlay
  • Concrete Driveways/Walkways
  • Concrete Patios
  • Concrete Steps
  • Concrete Porches
  • Retaining Walls

Benefits of Concrete

Concrete is integral to our communities because it’s the only building material that cost-effectively delivers:

  • the lowest carbon footprint for a structure or pavement over its lifecycle
  • unparalleled strength, durability, longevity and resilience
  • maximized energy efficiency via thermal mass
  • durability in any environment
  • a building material that doesn’t burn, rust or rot
  • versatility – it can be molded into any shape, color or pattern imaginable
  • no off-gas
  • low maintenance costs
  • 100 % recyclability, plus the materials needed to make concrete are abundant in just about every locale on the planet

It’s quite simply the most versatile building material on earth!

If you’re looking to begin a remodeling project or concrete work but don’t know how to start, give EAD Contractors LLC a call at 301-523-1711 and consult with one of our experts today! Free estimates! 

All EAD Contractors LLC services are backed by a 1 year limited warranty!

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